What We Believe

Verometrics is a market research company focused on working with member-based organizations and companies with member programs. We believe that a key ingredient to success for these organizations is an understanding of members themselves - their perceptions, ideas, priorities, behaviors, opinions, and how they make choices. Further, we believe that this understanding comes from datasets sufficiently sized and properly sampled so that results can be reported with a defined level of accuracy. We believe in ...

  • Listening to clients in order to understand their information needs in the context of their operating environment and the unique character of their customers or members

  • Working collaboratively with clients to find the best solutions. We really believe that two heads (or more) are better than one

  • Experience matters, and we have over 30 years experience conducting research for member organizations

  • Additional time spent up front in questionnaire design always pays dividents in better data and a better report

  • Shortcuts are unacceptable if the information will be used to make important decisions; proven methodologies and sufficient sample size are required


Verometrics LLC is new company with an old pedigree. It was founded January 1, 2014 by merging two market research companies: The Field Company, and Essential Surveys.

The Field Company was founded in 1979 by Harry Field to provide marketing services, but quickly evolved into a research company. For over 30 years, The Field Company has conducted telephone surveys for a wide range of organizations across the US with a concentration on Trade Associations and companies in the Forest Products industry. On January 1, 2014, Harry Field retired and sold the company to Brad Rucker.

Essential Surveys, was founded in 2005 by Brad Rucker. Work has included research for government and other public sector organizations, and surveys for tribal casinos. Prior to founding Essential Surveys, Brad was co-owner of ARCACO Market Research.

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Brad began working in market research in 1978, while in graduate school. After moving to Seattle in 1980 he worked for several research firms in the Seattle area. In 1987, Brad, along with business partner Kaye Kilgour, founded ARCACO Market Research, a boutique research company that provided surveys and mystery shops to credit unions and regional banks. The emphasis at ARCACO was helping clients improve service quality. After ARCACO closed in 1999, Brad worked in transportation planning and for a software startup. In 2005, he returned to the research business founding Essential Surveys. In 2008, Brad was tapped to manage a telework pilot project funded by the Washington State Legislature - the primary output being an online Telework Toolkit for individuals and organizations wanting to explore or implement telework: TeleworkToolkit.Com. The pilot project and toolkit received the 2009 PSRC VISION 2040 Award for promoting a livable region by helping implement VISION 2040, the region's growth managment, economic, and transportation stragegy. From 2010 through 2014, n addition to his work with Essential Surveys, Brad has been under contract to The Field Company managing research projects for Trade Associations. In January 2014, Brad acquired The Field Company and merged it with Essential Surveys to create Verometrics.

Over the years, Brad has worked for a diverse range of clients in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors and acquired a depth of real-world knowledge about how to make research meaningful to clients.

Partial Client List

Trade Associations
  • Washington Hospitality Association3
  • California Restaurant Association3
  • Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association1
  • Colorado Restaurant Association3
  • Michigan Restaurant Association1
  • Ohio Restaurant Association1
  • National Association of REALTORS1
  • California Association of REALTORS3
  • Michigan Association of REALTORS1
  • Utah Association of REALTORS1
  • Rhode Island Association of REALTORS1
  • Oregon Association of REALTORS1
  • Indiana Association of REALTORS1
  • Minnesota Association of REALTORS1
  • California Bankers Association3
  • APA - The Engineered Wood Association3
  • Western Carwash Association3
  • Western Wood Products Association1
  • Southern Forest Products Association1
  • American Hardwood Association1
  • California Redwood Association1
  • Wood Products Council1
  • Structural Insulated Panel Association1
  • National Frame Building Association3
  • Building Industry Association of Washington1
  • Rhode Island Builders Association1
  • American Council of Independent Laboratories1
  • Pierce County Medical Society1
  • Washington Society of Association Executives1
  • Cascade Employees Association1
  • Washington Credit Union League1 & 2
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Washington1
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Missouri1
  • PEER Group1
  • Print America1
  • Boeing Employees Credit Union2
  • Kitsap Credit Union2
  • Peninsula Credit Union2
  • Group Health Credit Union (now Salal CU)2
  • Seattle Telco Credit Union (now Watermark CU)2
  • Tacoma Telco Credit Union (now Sound CU)2
  • Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union2
  • BN West Credit Union2
  • Twin County Credit Union (now Twin Star CU)2
  • Frontier Bank2
  • North Sound Bank1
  • Everett Mutual Savings Bank2
  • Whatcom State Bank2
  • Pioneer Bank2
Public Sector
  • Washington State University3
  • Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council3
  • Kitsap County Public Works2
  • Kitsap Transit2
  • Kitsap Parks & Recreation2
  • Kitsap Regional Libraries2
  • Kitsap Conservation District2
  • Olympic College1
  • University of Washington1
  • Oregon State University1
  • University of Idaho1
Private Sector
  • Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort3
  • Suquamish Seafood Enterprises3
  • Gila River Casinos2
  • Everett Area Chamber of Commerce2
  • SeaTac Chamber of Commerce2
  • Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce1
  • Multicare Health System1
  • Leisure Care, Inc.1
  • Windemere Real Estate1
  • Tacoma Gold & Country Club1
Forest Products
  • Plum Creek1
  • Simpson Timber1
  • Hood Industries1
  • Tolko1
  • Timber Products Company1
  • Willamette Industries1
  • Vaagen Brothers1
  • Rosboro Lumber Company1
  • Murphy Plywood1

1The Field Company    2Essential Surveys & ARCACO Market Research   3Verometrics